Systems Support | Maintenance

We undertake the facility operation management, control, and preventive maintenance and repairs. The preventive maintenance services include:

Preventive maintenance of Electro-Mechanical installations:
• Plumbing: water, sewage, pumping stations and storm water systems
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Building management

We offer building services that regard to Billing issuance for the residences, oil supply, management costs, disinfection, disinfestation, building repairs, 24 cover building damage and tenants, invasive and preventive maintenance of air conditioning, heating, elevators, cleaning.
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Energy Upgrade for Buildings

The Energy Upgrade is the set of interventions in a building in order to achieve a reduction in energy requirements. Operations include interventions at the shell and building systems, of residential buildings, offices, business premises with a view to saving energy, heating, cooling and electricity.
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What else provide

Renovation of premises

Renovation of commercial premises, offices, shops, houses, apartments by experienced Architects and Engineers who can provide full studies, licensing, design according to the needs and in collaboration with our customers.
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Preventive Maintenance of Facilities and Equipment

We undertake the facility operation management, control, and preventive maintenance and repairs. The preventive maintenance services include:

Preventive maintenance of Electro-Mechanical installations:
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Safety Officer

Provision of protection and prevention services in health and safety issues of the company’s personnel of all kinds, in offices, stores, construction sites, factories, public gathering places and other premises.
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Permits Issuance

Experienced personnel in licensing issuance, in close cooperation with urban planning, districts, municipalities and other entities can offer and accomplish all licensing tasks: such as planning permission, legitimization of arbitrary spaces and constructions, sanitary shops and facilities licensing, energy certificates and electricity certificates.
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Construction / Repairs / Restorations / Renovations

The prime specializations of our company. Our projects include larger and smaller industrial electromechanical projects, civil engineering, heavy industry projects, petrochemical industry projects, etc.
We offer interventional maintenance, repairs and restorations of system, Electro-Mechanical equipment, buildings and for a variety of facilities, depending on the needs of our customers.
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Continuous Support of Sensitive Systems

Based on “support services contracts” we provide all technical services 24 hours a day to support critical facilities and systems that should in no way be shut-down.
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Residential billing issuance

In order for the owners and tenants of apartments in residential buildings and/or offices to have detailed and comprehensible expenditure allocations for the whole building and their properties, we provide the possibility of issuing analytical billings in print and electronic form, which may include:
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Qualified staff

Through contracts (Service Agreement Level) we can meet our customers’ needs for specialized technical personnel. We provide solutions that include supply of human resources that we put them at the disposal of our customers according to their requirements in a particular timeframe and depending on the project.
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Cleaning services

We provide cleaning services for remises, facilities, shops, offices, large buildings and residential buildings. The applied solutions tailored to the needs of the facility or building, can be offered with either term-contract form or on demand upon request of the customer.
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Κάτοψη γραφείων


Given the economic circumstances, the renovation of the home or workplace has become the first choice for many people. In fact in Greece and especially in Athens there is a very large building stock untapped, given that in previous years the investor was directed to purchase the newly constructed buildings or bild his own. Driven […]


10 ways to improve the energy efficiency of your house.

1. Thermal insulation A very large percentage of buildings in Greece, especially buildings constructed before 1980 don’t have any thermal insulation. This gives us a great privilege of improvement and upgrading our buildings. The thermal insulation of external walls with thermal insulation is probably the No1 effective measure of saving energy. Also significant improvement you […]


Process for participation in the program for Energy Efficiency Intervation

Step 1 | preparing of the benefiter -credit ability check -first energy inspection -identification of intervention -collection of supporting documents -Receiving offers Step 2 | testing and approval process -application submission -evaluation /approval of application Step 3 | Implementation of innervation -disbursement -loan agreement -implementation of intervention -Completion of interventions -financing

Company Profile

As individual sole proprietors , Engineers, Architects , Technicians , since 2004, we joined our expertise , our training session and our experience in a team prosfeontas our customers robust technical service providers now serving a wide range of customers .

With activity in construction, maintenance , renovation , industrial and buildings upgrades offer our customers range of services starting from design to final realization of their projects.


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